sarah cain
We all fantasize about travel, but the process of coming and going isn't always the stuff of dreams. Instead of Departure and Arrival, how cool to be greeted by a work of art! And doubly wonderful if it is made by an artist who was the subject of an ode. In Dear Sarah, poet Bernadette Mayer describes Cain's work, “Like seeing a rainbow in the middle of the forest.”

In a stunning work commissioned by the San Francisco Art Commission for the Airtrain at the San Francisco International Airport, this 10-by-150-foot set of panels foot is the first permanent public work made by the artist, who is known for colorful site-specific paintings and elaborate, chimerical installations. Of this stained glass piece, Sarah explains, “In a lot of ways, this was a natural fit to the way I work on paper, as well as the amount of colors I use in my paintings and works on site. It also opened up the works by creating the first permanent pieces, as they are all ephemeral. One of my favorite parts about the location is you don't have to be in the airport to see it. Anyone can take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the Airtrain and get off at the Hyatt Hotel station stop and view the work.” Bon Voyage and Welcome.

We Will Walk Right Up To The Sun now on view at SFO International Airport.