We are excited to announce our November 2016 issue with a cover story on one of the year's most photographed and talked about outdoor projects, the magical and surreal "Seven Magic Mountains" installation by Ugo Rondinone on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The November issue looks at a few new and exciting ways to present and discuss public, outdoor, and street art, and the Nevada Art Museum's presentation of Ugo's work in the desert is a defining example of how engaging and powerful work can be when taken outside the gallery and urban streets.

We also focus our attention in the November 2016 issue on:

Danny Lyon's prolific and legendary photography career
Lucy Sparrow's "felt cave"
Olivia Bee's career in the stars
Aaron Draplin's redefining the life of a graphic artist
Alex Gardner's reluctance to face the spotlight
Henry Taylor's bold and powerful new show at Blum & Poe
Martine Johanna's still lifes with women
Mike Carney's city tour or Minneapolis
—An essay on the idea of Post Street Art
Salt Eyewear's perfect aesethetic
— ...and Julia Pott lets us know the kids are alright