Tiffany Bozic has been one of the leading artists of this genre, one who works in the great tradition of luminaries such as Walton Ford and Jacques Barraband. She’s not only a gifted painter, but a researcher and explorer, delving into the lives and environments of her subjects in ways that a great zoological illustrator from centuries past would do.

Her newest show, opening at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC on March 17, 2016, The Animal In Us, is a conscious analysis of the cycles of animals and humans. In building her work, she notes that, “We all follow a life cycle to struggle to survive, seek shelter, find food, we all have fear, we search for a mate and for self-identity, and we all die.” She was compelled by the mystery of life, the desire to know more, to search more. “With each new painting, I am always seeking to take risks and find new, uncharted territory to explore,” and that feels like the exemplary line for this entire issue.

We celebrate a few impulses throughout the interviews here, from Adonna Khare’s extraordinary pencil work and Keegan McHargue’s surreal narratives, to Boris Tellegen’s (DELTA) de-constructions and Oleksandra Gerasymchuk’s reimagining of the human body as a landscape. The energy these artists convey, the fearlessness they possess, keeps the art world exciting and provocative. Here’s to another year of plunging into the creative pool.

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