We are excited today to share our newest collaboration video with If You Were Here Now, a workshop of painting and communicating with objects as opposed to formal letters with Berkeley, California-based Amy Nathan. Nathan says of her work, "My painted, faceted sculptures begin with the act of applying pressure to images and language, cracking open their systems, making them tactile, and distending them into an expanded space. Made of adaptable modular forms, my sculptures employ tautness and slack, flexibility and rigidity, counterweight, draping and propping up—simple machines with palpable physical properties. I excavate, draw and trace forms, cluster them into color palettes and patterns, shuffle and guide them towards an internal logic. Putting ideas and materials through the wringer, taking-apart-and-bringing-back-together has become my research and my practice. Through these processes I discover how chosen images or words operate, and communicate what is embedded or compressed within."