Most of us are working from home, thinking of ways to remain engage and creative, or just finding new—and old—ways to kill some time. Some of are reading, listening to podcasts, and for the ambitious ones, actually participating in online art classes! (Okay, maybe you are just streaming TV shows and movies, and we have some recs for that, too.)

Banksy, perhaps the most famous artist in the world and one of the great pillars of street art, is being a good British citizen and practicing social distancing (hasn’t he always?) and shelter-in-place mandates. But, as we saw today on his IG account, that doesn't mean he isn't antsy/busy, causing some ruckus for his fellow family members. With the caption, "My wife hates it when I work from home," his infamous stenciled rats have invaded the bathroom, perhaps resulting in the most valuable water closet (or toilet or restroom real estate) in England.