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LOL: No, Banksy Has Nothing To Do with Massive Banksy Moscow Show

August 15, 2018

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Sometimes you just need confirmation from the artist's mouth. And in Banksy's case, that response is always going to be a head above the rest. Earlier this summer, an exhibition of Banksy works has been the talk of Moscow, with over 200,000 vistors spending roughly $15 a ticket could go see over 25 works by what most would say is the most famous artist in the world. Only, and here's the catch, Banksy not only has nothing to do with it, but is not publically noting so. 

Today on Banksy's Instagram, he shared what appears to be a funny-not-so-funny conversation about the show, disavowing the show as not his own. The Guardian also notes that, "The exhibition has the sponsorship of a number of Russia’s biggest companies, including the mobile provider MTS. The antivirus company Kaspersky was a partner for the exhibition, and a number of Russia’s most prominent news agencies were informational partners." Even though the organizers seem to concede that Banksy was not involved, this is the most unique way the artist has responded to such versions of his work being shown. (above image via Maxim Shemetov/Reuters)

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