We have been waiting for the official "authentication" of the stencil work placed in Venice this past week, and it looks like Banksy finally put this work on his IG this morning. After what was his unofficial, own personal invite to take part in the Venice Biennale, which we reported earlier this week was his own private tourist art stall in Venice, today Banksy confirmed his stencil piece on the side of a building on the canals as his newest street work.

Whereas his installation at the Piazza San Marco in Venice seemed to speak to the overrun of tourism and the conservation crisis of the venerable city, this new stencil work speaks to the refugee crisis in the world, and most specifically, in Italy. Recent reports is that Italy has made many migrants homeless in recent months, and Banksy seems to get the piece just right with the lone child, life-jacket on, right at the tides ebb and flow. And considering the rising sea levels around the world, and this piece most certainly being covered inthe coming decades, seems like Banksy is covering a lot of ground, again. 

All images courtesy of the Artribune, via Lapo SimeoniLapo Simeoni