Last week, Juxtapoz had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones at the HUF MADE IN LA art show at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles. What HUF has creaed with MADE IN is a series of one-night art shows curated by someone respected and connected in the local scene in cities where big things are happening. LA was the kickoff, and Atiba Jefferson came through with a great mix of artists, styles, and crossovers that brought people out from all walks of life and really kicked things off strong.

When JZ (Josh Zickert) hit me up a few weeks ago saying that he was involved with HUF on this, I knew it was on. We had worked together on a number of art shows of a similar nature a few years back and they were always a big hit, blending the skate and art worlds seamlessly into some of the funnest nights I can recall. 

The lines around the block were proof enough, and people packed the huge Superchief space into the early hours of the morning.  I had a chance to connect with Ben Kelly, Marketing Director at HUF, and he couldn't have been more stoked on how everything turned out. "With MADE IN, we set out to bring people together through art and the local scene, and that’s exactly how it came together in LA. Atiba curated an amazing show, with such talented creatives. Looking forward to taking the show to NY and SF later this year."

And there you have it—the show goes on the road to NY and SF in a few months and we're looking forward to seeing what gets pulled off in each city in person. —Mike Stalter

Check out the links below for all of the participating artists in this show: