For years now, the Haifa, Israel collective now as Broken Fingaz has been a bit of everything and everywhere: graffiti, murals, screenprints, installations, paintings, photography and now a new monograph shows a unique combination of comic-book styles and cut n' paste imagery across every medium. Now spread across the globe, from London to Israel to Mexico, the crew is still making noise as a singular force and creating a sense of community and inclusion no matter where they are. They are funny and political, with roots in graffiti vandalism and champions of the evolution of the art form.

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In this episode of the Radio Juxtapoz podcast, Doug Gillen speaks with Broken Fingaz members UNGA and TANT on the occasion of their new mural in The Bird in Ostend, Belgium for The Crystal Ship, a mural for which they released a limited edition print with all proceeds from the sale going to refugees from the Russian war on Ukraine.

This interview was made possible thanks to The Crystal Ship Festival and All About Things.Portrait shot by Yona Preminger. Music featured in the episode courtesy of 3421.

The Radio Juxtapoz podcast is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV's Doug Gillen and Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco. Episode 086 was recorded in early April 2022 in Ostend, Belgium. Follow us on @radiojuxtapoz