BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce PRESS START, the Los Angeles solo debut from PRIEST. Inspired by the immersive world of video game technology, the exhibition will feature original works composed from hundreds of different compositions to create new sections of classic games that never existed. Achieved through complex research and analysis, each highly-detailed painting aims to capture the viewer’s eye and welcome them into a world that feels familiar yet slightly uncharted.

Building off his showing within BEYOND THE STREETS London, PRESS START will mark the first PRIEST work exhibited within the United States. Serving as an escape and overpowering sensory experience, graffiti and video games have stood side by side in the world of the London-based artist, whose knack for seemingly-simple, yet highly detailed work brings an anticipated depth to the walls of BEYOND THE STREETS Los Angeles.

The opening reception for PRESS START will take place on March 31, 2023 from 7PM to 9PM, with the show running through April 29, 2023.