For the past 5 weeks, we have been following the Academy of Art University's Subaru Project, which saw the school's Industrial design school and other participating departments ask one question: What will Subaru look like in 2030? During the process, we have followed as the students have pitched ideas, trouble-shooting, worked with Subaru and dealt with deadline pressure. In this episode, part 6, we look at the big reveal of ideas!

One of the best parts of the project was just learning the ins and outs of car design. It's a complicated, and yet exciting process. From the school: "The time has finally come for our teams to present their hard work to Subaru’s design team. Will Subaru be blown away? Will the students deliver on their challenge? It all comes down to this moment." 

The amount of work that they were able to put in given the amount of time they had was definitely of the aspirational sort. Subaru’s Senior Manager for Product Planning & Design Matt Wherry, said so as much. “Beyond impressed,” he said upon seeing the presentations.

Subaru’s General Manager for Design, who particularly liked the students’ approach to the brand logo, was equally impressed was Mamoru Ishii. “Normally, in this type of project, students do not think of redesigning the brand logo.” And because he so liked what he saw from the first group, it set the bar high for the rest. Good thing they were all able to step up to the plate and deliver.