Over the last few weeks, Juxtapoz has been following the The Subaru Project, Academy of Art University’s School of Industrial Design in San Francisco's work on creating a vision of the future and working with the Subaru brand on a design for 2030. So far, we have looked at the genesis of the project and the earliest stages of collaboration, an important lesson in students learning about the ins and outs of such a big design project with a prominent global brand. In Episode 3, we look at "Midterm Madness," where students prepare to share their first major presentations to Subaru’s design team. 

Another valuable lesson: how to work when the pressure is on and stress is high. As the episode notes, "Overall, Subaru is pleased with what the students have come up with so far. They noted that there’s a lot more clarity to the concepts as compared to some two weeks ago. Indeed, a lot of progress can be made with productive collaboration."