We are back where it all started! A year into the Radio Juxtapoz podcast, we are back in Miami, this time in South Beach during Art Week with a special grouping of conversations with the artist's that have helped shape the 25 years of Juxtapoz Magazine. Coinciding with our special presentation of Juxtapoz at 25: In Black & White, an exhibition of 150 black and white drawings from Juxtapoz present and future, Radio Juxtapoz co-hosts Doug Gillen and Evan Pricco talk the unique history of the magazine, as well as the prompt to ask artists to create work with one simple task: make a drawing, on paper, using only black and white.

For the first Radio Juxtapoz Podcast conversation of Miami Art week, we sat down with the Paris-based Jean Jullien on the rooftop of The Hotel of South Beach, where we were hosting a special exhibition, Juxtapoz at 25: In Black & White, featuring over 130 black and white drawings from the magazine's present and future.

Jullien was the perfect guest to kick-off the week; not only a world famous illustrator and storyteller, his recent fine art career has been internationally recognized as a refreshing reinterpretation of a signature style. It's rare that an artist so well-known in a almost comic-book style to also claimed a place in the fine art world. Jullien is a fascinating artist with a major social media following and a universality with all his practices. The Miami week Radio Juxtapoz podcast's are supported by Vans.

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The Radio Juxtapoz Podcast is hosted by Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV and Juxtapoz Editor, Evan Pricco.