For Banksy's The Walled Off Hotel "Vandal's Retreat," LUSH keeps it Provocative in the West Bank

October 18, 2017

In Palestine for the inaugural "Vandals Retreat" event hosted by Banksy's The Walled Off Hotel, Melbourne-based Lush has been busy around the West Bank creating a new series of his click-baiting and provocative works. The Australian graffiti/street art provocateur has been spending his days vandalizing the notorious wall, addressing both the local issues as well as hot topics of international politics and pop culture.

After painting two murals showing Trump's affection towards barriers back in August, Lush has been spending the last few weeks bringing more of the similar imagery to the West Bank region. Aside from couple of Rick & Morty takes on the ongoing conflict, as well as meme-based murals, he took another shot at the US president in the light of Eminem's freestyle video and Hillary Clinton's new book. As a host of the first ever Vandal's Retreat between October 20—22, the anarchic and controversial Melbourne native will be workshopping ideas and guiding holidaymakers to paint the wall. A hotel spokesperson described the experience as “it’s a bit like going on a cruise with a celebrity, but with a lot more swearing." —Sasha Bogojev