Geoff McFetridge has rules, and he himself only knows how to break them. Or follow them, really. Over the course of multiple decades, the Canadian-born, LA-based painter, designer and overall creative has established an aesthetic that is, as he says, "the opposite of an idea." The funny thing is that, within that saying, there is basically the universe. He is the universal artist, and he is telling stories better than ever. 

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The following is our podcast conversation with Geoff that took place this summer with Juxtapoz editor-in-chief, Evan Pricco, for an interview that was to be in our Fall Quarterly and in conjunction with his upcoming release with Vault by Vans. We get a unique story about how Geoff approaches a collaboration, how his painting career took off over the last decade and the special personal stories he tells in his commercial work and his quiet ubiquitous body of fine artwork.

The Radio Juxtapoz podcast is hosted by FIFTH WALL TV's Doug Gillen and Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco. Episode 077 was recorded in August, 2021 in Los Angeles and London. Follow us on @radiojuxtapoz