Two weeks after once again surprising the (art) world with a store display in Croydon, Banksy closed "the shop that never opens" last Sunday. As previoulsy announced, a few days after the closing the physical iteration, the online version of the GrossDomesticProduct shop just went online.

Presented as "solutions for the wealth" and place "where art irritates life," offers a wide range of household products, artworks and basically a whole range of Banksy™ knick-knacks. From mugs for which "the artist got the kids to do it, then signed the result," sculptural edition made in collaboration with Escif, learning sets, t-shirts, soft toys, clocks, all the way to two new print editions, the value of items ranges from £10.00 to £850.00. The new website also suggested the launch of the next potential enterprise for the artist,, aka "the approved used Banksy dealership."

But, "the shop is not first-come, first-served" and is currently only running a registration system limited to one product per person until October 28th. That means you have a plenty of time to read through the website and choose the product you'd like to purchase. After all, the entire store, the items, and their descriptions, are artwork in itself. —Sasha Bogojev