Street Art // Wednesday, July 06, 2011
With limited information to reference, we came across the following words, "Kryot works spontaneously - he doesn't use sketches or preconceives concepts of images to transfer them outdoors, which would seem rather unnatural to him, as a concrete location always feeds him with enough ideas and inspiration during painting. His rather simple and sometimes small interventions at abandoned or obscure places, at entrances, crossovers or intersections besides the typical "Halls of Fame" are thus signified by their site-specific and individual character."

Jaybo Mural

Street Art // Wednesday, July 06, 2011
French born, Berlin-based, Jaybo, is a painter, publisher, founder of the street wear label “Irie Daily”, and the man responsible for this painting.  

Jaume Plensa Sculptures

Street Art // Tuesday, July 05, 2011
  Renowned Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa, recently completed the following series of sculptures and drawings at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield, England.  The artist’s work encourages viewers to explore the art in a tactile and sensorial manner.  Plensa is currently exhibiting a sculpture titled “Echo” in Madison Square Park in New York.  In a recent park visit, I was mesmerized by the pieces powerful shapes and demanding attention.  Be sure to visit the sculpture in New York before it comes down in August.


Street Art // Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Located in Tepoztlán, Mexico, TuboHotel is an affordable solution for travelers visiting or passing through.   Completed in 2010 by T3arc, the hotel consists of 20 rooms constructed from recycled concrete pipes and a beautiful surrounding natural environment.

Anthony Sneed Mural

Street Art // Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Brooklyn-based artist, Anthony Sneed, slapped a new layer of paint on the walls of the Boundless NY shop in Williamsburg.  Previously home to a character painted by Anthony Lister, Sneed’s new mural is refreshingly minimal, non-intrusive, and easy on the eyes.   His studio work will be gracing the walls of Shooting gallery this Saturday in a show titled, “Grand Illusion.”  If you find yourself in San Francisco this weekend be sure to check out the opening.

Brooklyn x Paris x Specter

Street Art // Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Street artist, Specter, has gifted the residents of Paris a slice of New York in the form of a Brooklyn bodega.  Looks as if Miss 17 received a free spot on the mural out of respect for her contributions to the many boroughs of New York.

Keith Haring Bathing Suit

Street Art // Friday, July 01, 2011
Do yourself a favor and make sure to buy your girfriend one of these bathing suits.  Seriously, I can’t emphasize enough how a single piece of swimwear can destroy all the competition while sitting poolside or at the beach.  Game over.

Hexigloo Pavilion

Street Art // Friday, July 01, 2011
Hexigloo is a pavilion based on the cellular structure of a honeycomb applied to an igloo surface typology.  Located in Bucharest, Romania, the pavilion was the result of a seven day workshop involving Fifty-five students.


Street Art // Friday, July 01, 2011
France-based artist, Ador, paints highly exaggerated characters with oversized mouths.

"See You In Croatan" Opens Tonight at FIFTY24SF

Street Art // Thursday, June 30, 2011
Escif and San’s exhibition titled “See you in Croatan” opens tonight in San Francisco at FiFTY24SF. Here are photos of the duo working in the Upper Playground backyard. The following pieces will be installed outside, not in the gallery.


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