Striking Work from the Artist Sail

Illustration // Friday, January 18, 2013
Born in 1980 in Oslo, Norway, the artist and illustrator Sail currently  lives and works on the top of a hill near the sea and tends to keep to himself. His dramatic, gestural illustrations are full of heavy contrasted emotion and some of his clients include Sprint, Random House and Soft Skull Press. Beautiful work.

Natalie Toms Ilustrates Animals

Illustration // Friday, January 18, 2013
Natalie Toms was born in Cornwall, a place of faraway fields, cascading cliff faces and sleepy shores. She spent the summers of her childhood marvelling at the tall trees and little creatures in the fields behind her grandparents' house. Burying herself deeper in the thickets of the countryside, she would build dwellings beneath trees, make drawings, hang wind-chimes from branches and collect leaves, sycamore seeds and other natural ephemera that she found on her wanderings.

Logan Fitzpatrick: Furby Love

Illustration // Friday, January 18, 2013
Logan Fitzpatrick a young artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY and currently attending Pratt Institute with a focus in Illustration. He has received two American Graphic Design Awards from GD USA, featured on Toy Design Served, & worked with Gallery 1988 and HelloGiggles among many others. Prepare to get your mind warped into hyper-speed from a donut induced jet-ski tail spin, hosted by your favorite shredding dolphin, with whipped cream on top. Furby Love.

Zach Meyer's Cheap Theatrics

Illustration // Thursday, January 17, 2013
Specializing in all things illustration, Zach Meyer is known for his high contrast portraiture for editorial pieces, deeply intricate scenes that appear to be renderings of compositions out of a movie, and of course 'Cheap Theatrics'- like the name of this piece. Zach lives and works in Illinois and created this drawing using acrylic and ink on paper.

Jay Howell at Fecal Face Gallery

Illustration // Thursday, January 17, 2013
Here we go. Coming up this Feb. 1st at Fecal Face Gallery in San Francisco, the one and only Jay Howell will be displaying a new selection of his epicly amazing illustrations- his third solo show at the space. Jay is now a Los Angeles based artist with his hands in everything from cartooning to face melting. YES!

Jonathan Bergeron's Skull Brush Print

Illustration // Thursday, January 17, 2013
Gorgeous new print released from the talented Jonathan Bergeron, A.K.A johnny Crap, an artist living & painting in Montreal. He works mostly on shirt designs, for bands or urban brands but is also a painter exhibiting through Canada & the U.S., working mostly with oils or ink but he also creates digital illustrations. Loving his new Skull Brush piece.

The Work of Elliot Freeman

Illustration // Wednesday, January 16, 2013
As an emerging artist, Elliot Freeman is currently studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and is in his 2nd year of his studies.  Elliot's work is raw, edgy and somewhat humorous- often showing skewed perspectives and a new way of approaching abstracted characters and compositions.

Graham Yarrington's Commuters

Illustration // Wednesday, January 16, 2013
With a focus on animated, cartoon style illustrations and hand rendered typography, Brooklyn, NY based artist and illustrator Graham Yarrington's drawings are highly distinguishable. He works both with traditional and digital drawing media to create these humorous renderings.

Pedro Lourenço's Ink Work

Illustration // Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Received an amazing reader submission today from Pedro Lourenco, an illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal with a hard-edged, raw inking style that sets his black drawings apart from many of the rest.As said by Trend Hunter, "With the abundance of pop culture commentators and cartoonists on the web, it's often difficult to differentiate between them all, but Pedro Lourenco's signature style is definitely something that can't be missed"

The Illustration Work of Bruce Mackay

Illustration // Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Bruce Mackay is an artist and illustrator living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. His obsessively rendered illustrations share a common theme of momo-chromatic, hyper-intricate repetition- giving them an appearance similar to old wood block prints or etchings. His 'Crazed Waves' series was produced for the "I'd Rather Be Swimming" Exhibition at Salon91 Gallery in Cape Town.


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