During our time spent in Rochester, NY for Wall Therapy, the most notable aspect for us has been the genuine support, excitement and gratitude the local community has shown for this event. The city welcomes new public art with no political or bureaucratic stipulations. It’s that “Bring it on!” sort of vibe and it’s refreshing.

Yesterday we saw a stead flow of people come to check out each wall on all sides of the city seeking them out like a scavenger hunt and enthusiastic about the idea of finding the next. With the invaluable assistance from the countless volunteers, most of the artists have now completed their walls and another successful year is complete. We slowly meandered around town on a lazy Sunday and caught some more walls painted by DALeast, Labrona, Cern, Mr. Prvrt, Freddy Sam, Binho, Mike Ming, Gaia and Adam Francey, We had a wonderful time and are enthusiastic about returning next year!

A special thanks to Dr. Ian Wilson, The Wall Therapy team, The Yards for the hospitality, the artists, the city of Rochester and all the volunteers that donated their time making this project possible.


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All photos courtesy of www.theflopbox.com

Additional information at www.wall-therapy.com