Juxtapoz has touched down in Rochester, NY for Wall Therapy and we are dashing around town trying to catch up with all the murals being created from over 30 artists. With our host and founder of the event, Dr. Ian Wilson, we made our first stop at the old abandoned train tunnels where we found two new highly patriotic pieces from the elusive artist Chris “Freedom” Pape, which is the rarest of treats considering we can’t even recall the last time we saw something new from him this decade (The famed Freedom Tunnels in New York were named after Freedom who created some of the first mural ever in there). To our surprise, in the tunnel we discovered the globetrotting animal artist, Roa, finishing up a small piece just as we reached him. From there we continued around town running into Conor Harrington, DALeast, Ever, and Mr. Prvrt all feverishly working to finish their walls. We have much more to report, but for now we need to get back in the streets and document the action. Be sure to check back tomorrow for additional reports from the ground here in Rochester.

All photos courtesy of www.theflopbox.com

Additional information at www.wall-therapy.com