El Mac continues to be one of the great and most unique muralists of his time, one that is based on tradition but also a progressive and unique style. We have been covering Mac for years, both as a fine artist, muralists, and champion of public art around the world. Recently, Mac painted this massive mural in Boston, which was titled Ars et Scientia.

Todd Mazer, who has contributed to the magazine in the past, documented the process in Boston, and wrote, "

The mural was created with his signature spray paint technique of haloed circles and ghostly lines on the brick facade of Northeastern’s Meserve Hall. The wall has not been painted since 1893, and has seen a lot of change in that time. It began its life over a century ago as the home of the United Drug Company before eventually becoming part of the University. The subject matter and location of El Mac’s latest public work are of notable significance. His father went to Northeastern and studied engineering, during this time his father also met El Mac’s mother who was studying painting at nearby MassArt. On the building where the studies of arts and sciences converge there is clearly a deeper and much more personal artist statement that has been written on the wall." (via Todd's essay on Graffuturism)