Paul Graham is an innovative contemporary photographer. He has utilized several techniques, which make the viewer consider the photograph as a tool for documentation that include but is not limited to durational images (pairing two identically framed photographs taken within an undisclosed, but relatively short it seems, period of time). The primary difference between Graham and his predecessors is his subject matter. While still uniquely, fascinatingly framed the scenes we see are not amazing or held in high esteem; what his images depict are ordinary melancholic moments of everyday life. People carrying cans of soda or eating chicken wings abound in his random travels throughout the United States and Europe. Another way in which Graham works is specified categories, which include homeless, shelves in convenience stores, people mowing lawns, and specific postures people take (generally curled up or crouching). Graham produces beautifully banal images that make the viewer reflect on the reality of the western world today.

tect by Cole Tracy