Sarah Jones is an art photographer, who works with previous notions of genre photography. By reworking common notions associated with specific images Jones forces the viewer to reconcile with these ideas and view her images in a challenging new light. In her series "The Rose Gardens” she photographs displays of flowers in rose gardens with a flash at night.

She utilizes a diptych, an image from the front and the back so that the viewer will consider the medium and how angle changes our experience. In her posed photographs of young adolescents in interiors she deals with a common subject matter again with progressive concepts inserted. Utilizing controlled environments and hired models in some images the subject in these photographs are made aware of the falsified narrative and their relationship to each other as well as the surrounding environment; thereby returning the gaze of the viewer. Jones intelligently reinterprets common tropes within the medium to further photographic discourse and make the viewer reconsider preconceived notions about photography itself as well as the genres within it.

Text written by Cole Tracy