Striking portraits of homeless women and men by Lee Jeffries

March 19, 2014


The texture of a face is imbued with a thousand stories; a smile line like an anecdote with precise diction. Photographer Lee Jeffries has dedicated his photography to capturing these stories with unapologetically visceral portraits of the homeless. Jeffries aesthetic appears confrontational, as if compensating for the otherwise voicelessness of his disenfranchised subjects. He illustrates them in extreme close-up and a stark black and white that accentuates the folds and ossified grimace of each face. In doing so, Jeffries is adamant to highlight that his intentions are not to exploit his subjects:

“I don t want to exploit these people or steal photographs of them like so many other photographers who had seen the homeless as an easy target. In an effort to make intimate portraits, I try to connect with each person on an individual basis first.”

via HuffingtonPost

text by Algernon Felice Jr