Rapheal Dallaporta's "Antipersonnel"

May 15, 2014

Rapheal Dallaporta is a renowned documentary photography for his minimal aesthetics and stringent guidelines which direct his projects. In "Antipersonnel" Dallaporta depicts, against stark black backgrounds, landmines used in war settings. These objects are meant to keep all people away, regardless of their innocence or relation to the war. The photographer completely isolates the landmines, we see them as strange objects of functional aesthetics. The tension is within this removal, and how the object is so detached from the havoc it causes in everyday use. Dallaporta has applied this same minimal aesthetic towards human body organs, and the rings of the planet Saturn. These series together show an artist interested in far more than history or objects, these concepts force the viewer to consider the fragility of their lives and metaphysical questions about existence.

text by Cole Tracy