Last year photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois spent six days in a maximum security prison in Los Angeles County documenting the bizarre scenes of inmates training rescue dogs in a program put together by Paws For Life. The 12-week program has level 4 and 3 (Highest levels of security) inmates giving rescue dogs a second life by caring for them, training them and after the program has ended the dogs are up for adoption (All the dogs were adopted!). The photos show the prison inmates laying around with, petting, walking and bonding with the canines. The program has plans to expand to six other prisons. Like any prison and to get access, both photographers had to endure a series of high security pat-downs, checkpoints and searches. Speaking to Time’s Lightbox Crawford said, ““I was really blown away by how compassionate they were and how much these guys cared for these animals. Their passion and their love for these dogs was really heartwarming. A lot of times, they would start crying when they talked about it.”

via lightbox