In October 28, 1991, just as Nirvana were tearing up the rock'n'roll rule book with their major label debut Nevermind, Austin photographer Kirk Weddle was commissioned to shoot the band for photos to promote the impending blitz. His idea? Toss the band into a swimming pool to mimic the album's infamous naked baby cover image he’d shot a few months earlier.

But when the band showed up for the session at a Los Angeles pool, they were hardly in the mood. Call time was 10 A.M. The weather was unseasonably cold for an outdoor swim. And Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl were wiped out from a string of West Coast concerts. (Cobain was so exhausted, he even took a nap.) "I remember Kurt was like, 'Fuck! I have to get in the pool?'" recalls Weddle. "He was not a water guy at all."

But Weddle, known as one of the industry's best underwater photographers, was able to convince the band to take the plunge and he snapped some 200 images - many of which have never been, made available before. "I've just kept them stacked in a closet, unorganized," says Weddle