Matthew Tammaro

July 01, 2014

Toronto raised, Los Angeles-based photographer Matthew Tammaro works with color and composition in a manner that is strikingly unique. The artist initially pursued a degree in drawing and painting before dropping out for photography school, and his fine art background certainly makes sense after viewing his images. Tammaro’s approach to photographing the world around him is not unlike that of a painter or drawer—each composition carefully considered, each subject manner explored and unearthed as if a figure drawing.

Capturing a certain sense of kinetic stillness, Tammaro’s photographs vibrate a vivid liveliness that has garnered him a great deal of attention. His selected clients list boasts dozens of impressive publications, including MTV, NYLON, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Flare Magazine, to name a few. He cites his recent move to Los Angeles as a major inspiration, the West Coast light we all know and love serving as a muse of sorts. As he told Get the Five, “I feel that I’ve opened a door into a completely different world… The light, the people, the industry, the environment… Colors here are incredibly inspiring, so I want to incorporate that more and more into the dream-state of my photos.”

text by Maddie Maschger