Maroesjka Lavigne - You Are More Than Beautiful

June 19, 2014

Debates concerning the representation of ‘beauty’ are extensive and on-going globally. Born in Belgium, Maroesjka Lavingne has focused an exploration of this topic of discussion in Seoul, South Korea. Her body of work ‘You Are More Than Beautiful’ aims to question the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery and its proliferated image of desirability within their media. Lavigne writes, "Nowadays one of the ways to show off wealth by appearance is plastic surgery. Pressure is high in Seoul in almost every part of life…. A picture on your school application or job interview is a must. That’s why looks are a very important part of you future." These naturally unattainable standards of beauty are the ideals women strive to attain for the promise of power, status and money. Lavigne asks why it is so necessary to for women in Seoul to conform to opinions on beauty in order to be able to excel in their careers and personal lives, as well as the future implications of such attitudes. 


text by Maresa Harvey