"Luminosity" by Joe Michael

July 08, 2015

No stranger to integrating technology with his creativity, Joe Michael has experimented with a variety of techniques creating 24-hour time-lapse landscape photography and even constructing 3D time-lapse rigs and 360-degree cinema experiences for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movie. His most recent project entitled Luminosity explores the species of glow-worms called Arachnocampa luminosa, which are found in limestone caves in New Zealand. As stated on his website, “The 30 million year old formations form a majestic backdrop to the bioluminescence of the glow-worms.” In 2013, Michael was a guest speaker at TEDxAuckland and is currently working on an international installation described as, “cinematic and atmospheric collision of nature and architecture, celebrating the profound, untouched beauty of Antarctica.”