Humans diverse relationships to land seen by Simon Roberts

March 27, 2014

Simon Roberts photographs primarily focus on the landscape in a unique style. His projects address various relationships between humans and the land. He looks at leisure environments, the distances humans feel comfortable spacing between each other and the the activities performed. The construction of towns and man-made environments are also addressed, in his project about the U.K. and in another focusing on the Olympics. Roberts generally takes his photographs from an elevated perspective to encompass more of the land. Many of these images have insinuated narratives within them: a parked car and a lone figure within an icy landscape, a couple having lunch within a highly manicured park, or the press gazing intently with cameras in hand at a sporting event. Roberts images are beautiful and well-thought out, he presents the landscape in a complex manner which shows many environments and how they have been constructed toward human necessities.

text written by Cole Tracy