Formento & Formento

May 07, 2014

In the photographic works of husband and wife team Formento & Formento, it’s easy to see their inspiration and love for theatrical narratives. Echoing the dramatic lighting of Hithcock, the depictions of solitude by Edward Hopper, and the versatile female roles portrayed by Cindy Sherman, each image is it’s own story belonging to each character depicted in the photographs. With their use of derelict backdrops including run down diners, neon signed motels, and remote desert locales, each scene is cinematically sinister. Each photograph seems to show a moment just before or just after a dramatic event where the character is about to make an impacting decision. What has just happened or will happen is left for the viewer to decide. A collection of their work will be exhibited in the Robert Klein Gallery in Boston until June 21.

text by Canbra Hodsdon