"DubaiLand" by Aleix Paldemunt

June 23, 2014

DubaiLand is a tourism and entertainment complex currently being built in Dubai, with a proposed 64.3 billion dollar budget. This “regional and global tourism hub” was announced in 2003, with the global recession halting it’s construction from 2008 to mid-2013.

In 2007, photographer Aleix Paldemunt, a technical engineer turned photographer, traveled to Dubai to photograph the park. His images from 3 billion square foot complex are stark and bright, with the sandy horizon often grounding a composition. Upon an initial glance, the photographs seem to depict a place that has been abandoned, but newly painted attractions and trimmed hedges clue viewers in to the tense state of construction. DubaiLand’s murals and backdrops can be seen in the series, amplifying the visual impact through layered locations and materials. 

Aleix lives in Barcelona and has published several of his series, including Almost There in 2013.

Text by Linnea Stephan