In her recently released book “As The River Runs”, photographer Agnes Thor returns to her childhood home in Sweden and visually explores the physical perimeters set forth by her par-ents around their home when she was a child.

Revisiting places that once held a magical ele-ment during her childhood, Thor uses her elegant attention to light and detail to provide a visual narrative that draws the viewer into a place where time has stopped and all that remains is the wistful vision she has presented. With a beautifully tragic foreword by the artist, the scene is set for the viewer to explore the four sections of images. Through her pairing of images, a true sense of place is formed where the viewer can’t help but form an attachment to it’s structures, objects, and landscapes. “As The River Runs” is published by Blackbook Publications and was released in November 2015. —Canbra Hodson

On Thursday, December 3rd, Agnes Thor will have a book signing at Printed Matter Inc. in New York from 6pm - 8pm.