A look inside "Grays The Mountain Sends" published by Silas Finch

January 17, 2015

Now available in a second edition, Bryan Schutmaat’s Grays the Mountain Sends published by Silas Finch is more art piece than publication. Using a large format camera, Schutmaat set out to photograph the fleeting abandoned mining towns of the American West to present an alternative portrait of the country. What Schutmaat produced reveals an assortment of rugged deserted landscapes, stoic individuals and harsh but deeply beautiful scenes that make up these regions. When looking at this book it’s impossible not to immediately notice that it has a fabricated steel spine and screwpost binding; unconventional materials used for a photography book. On the inside, the photographs are rich, vibrant and pulsate off the page with the assistance of being printed by full color plates with UV ink. Never has the sun weathered skin of a human being looked so captivating and textural, the details can be hypnotic.

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