Zicana Officially Launches Today

June 07, 2012

The new luxury brand Zicana officially launches today, June 7—set to release a gemstone and semi-precious stones collection of art and decorative products. With all materials derived from the earth and crafted into exclusive new works, a new innovative line of art, jewelry, and furniture emerges.


Zicana's Juxtapoz-sponsored launch event takes place today, June 7, 2012, and will debut the works for the first time (exclusive preview images after the jump) within a large gallery among fans and supporters honoring the interior design, architectural, art, and fashion industries. Striking a progressive new chord in the Westbury, New York area, Zicana opens a premiere gallery space bringing art and culture to the heart of Nassau County, Long Island.


A special live music set and live art entertainment will keep surprise and invited guests aesthetically occupied.


The launch and project was propelled by Zicana CEO/President Frank Marasco enthusiasm, facilitating and building the renovation of the new gallery the last couple of months. Zicana's set to achieve tremendous momentum in New York and partnering with Concetto by Caesarstone on some projects bringing contemporary art the integration of the finest quality of stones.


"Zicana delivers a combination of nature’s art, culture, and a quality that’s precious," Marasco said about the brand's first launch in his Westbury community. "The gallery is not only a showroom to showcase our stone art, jewelry, and furniture—but it is also a place where people can come to free their mind with art and the ambiance that Zicana delivers. It is like no other.”


For more information, visit Zicana.com.