Yes, ALF is back everyone. Friend of the magazine Roger Gastman has curated a special pop-up show, Young & Reckless, that will be opening this weekend (July 13-14) featuring an assortment of ALF collectibles and memorabilia, plus ALF-centric artwork by the likes of Morning Breath, Tristan Eaton, Cleon Peterson, Omens, and Grant Cobb. Its going to be weird, And as Roger told us, leave your cat at home... the show will take place at Known Gallery.

From Mr. Gastman:
ALF has always been one of my favorite shows since I was like way way to little to even see a PG13 movie. Ive collected ALF stuff, laughed at ALF, painted graffiti with ALF in it, had articles written about him for While You Were Sleeping – even thought about getting an ALF tattoo many many times. 
When I got asked by Young & Reckless to put together an ALF show to go along with a new ALF product release I thought someone was messing with me. Well it wasn't a joke and I wasn't dreaming. Sometimes dreams do come true. I asked a small group of artists – Morning Breath, OMENS, Tristan Easton, Cleon Peterson and Grant Cobb to make a painting based on ALF and I collected for months some of the best ALF stuff I could find out there. 
All of this and some surprises are sort of like my childhood masterpiece on display this weekend only at KNOWN GALLERY. You can also get a lot of amazing limited edition ALF product from Young & Reckless there. Come see me.