You Wish You Read André Karpov's Book As A Kid

October 19, 2013

André Karpov, with his swoony voice and epic shoulders, seems as though he stepped out of an Americana doc highlighting the brave broad range of the Mendocino coast children. Having grown up with California storybook vistas and begun his tutelage under a Japanese tea master at the age of 14, Karpov continues to channel that particular delicate sensibility in to his music, murals, and illustrations. Karpov, creating a tender and beautiful visual language of bold lines reminiscent of tea leaves and cypress branches, keeps himself busy in San Francisco these days. Right now, he is working on his second children’s book. Following the Kickstarter success of his first illustrated book, Ballad of a Bottom Feeder (a love story), and comfortable with crowd funding (his first mural in SF was sponsored by Precita Eyes, where community members were asked to vote for the design they most wanted to see painted in their community), André is at it again with The Extraordinary Friendship of Otter & Gull. And he would love your help to help him to help children. “When you write for children, you write for the future. My dream is for the future to be collaborative, sustainable, peaceful, and filled with beautiful human appreciators of a natural world that is both healthy and abundantly diverse.” For those who pledge, you can pre-order the new book receive a signed copy of his first book AND get a free download of André Karpov’s new album, A Great Love, to be released November, 2013.


The story begins:

In the Pacific Northwest where the land meets the water,

lived a cynical gull and an amiable otter.



-Lalé Shafaghi