Yangtze, The Long River by Nadav Kander

April 20, 2012

This breathtaking body of photographs taken by Nadav Kander has won him the Prix Pictet prize back in 2010 as well as our adoration. Its best we allow Kander to explain the project in his own words (below is merely an excerpt from a longer statement) and then let the photos tell the rest of the story through their beautifully minimal compositions and seductively subdued hues.

"The Yangtze RIver, the main artery of this body of work and of China, Flows over 6,500 kilometres (4,100 miles) from the country's most westerly point in Qinghai Province through both the most sparsely and densely populated regions, to Shanghai in the east. WIth the river as a metaphor for constant change, I photographed the landscape and people along its banks from mouth to source. I worked intuitively, trying not to be influenced by what I already knew about China . i wanted to respond to what I found and felt. Although unconscious, it seems no coincidence that I travelled up river, against current."