XCIA's Street Art Project: iPad App

September 11, 2012

The story of Hank O'Neal isn't just that he just quit the CIA (yes, he is literally, Mr xCIA) to shoot street art, or to produce hundreds of jazz albums, or to edit and organize wonderful literary compilations for such modern giants like Djuna Barnes, or that his apartment sits in the heart of SoHo and therefore on the precipise of the emergence of graffiti and street art culture in North America for the past three decades. The story is that he has taken this entire life's work and experience and become a documentarian of prevailing culture, someone who's story is that of a person constantly exploring the creative worlds around him, taking what is seemingly unseen by masses and turned into a career of bringing underground art to life.

Hank O'Neal book, xCIA's Street Art Project
(published by Siman Media Works, Inc) has just been released as an iPad app, allowing readers to follow Hank's photos from neary 40 years of documenting street art and have an interactive experience with both the process and fruits of urban storytelling.

Here are some of the specs:

? Press-n-Play Faces with Andre the Giant, Montgomery Burns, Andy Kaufman, Lindsay Lohan, Chairman Mao, Marilyn Monroe, Wayne Newton, Jack Nicholson, Mr. Spock, Uncle Sam, and many more
? Flashing names: enter mini-galleries featuring famous street art subjects Elvis, Debbie Harry, Alfred Hitchcock, JFK, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jim Morrison, Kate Moss, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and many more
? Animated episodes: watch XCIA's "magical" camera snap its way through the streets of New York City
? Street Artist Spotlight, featuring street art "superstar" (Juxtapoz) Toofly
? Spinning globe: experience street art scenes from around the world
? XCIA's portrait sessions with such figures as William Burroughs, Clint Eastwood, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Hefner, Jackie Onassis, Esperanza Spalding, Meryl Streep, and Andy Warhol
? Daily links to XCIA's street art photos
? Short films
? E-postcards
? Spray-paint title sequence
? iTunes slideshow
? Social media

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