Photo montage and collage have the inherent power to juxtapose and arrange strange and foreign subjects creating new associations from unlikely pairings, a re-occuring motivation and end goal for artist's working in this medium. The result from this process is usually a variety of relationships that are telling of particular aspects of the given subjects.

Melanie Bonajo's works are collages in real time, performative works that combine multiple eclectic elements in real space instead of the flattened world of two-dimensional images that collage usually presents itself in. Humor, sadness, isolation, collectivity, humankind, and nature are all things meshed and intertwined in Bonajo's works, offering a sardonic analysis of the current human condition with a dash of laughter to lighten it up. The works are witty and funny, but derive their humor from a darker and more critical place, something that appeals to us as it makes the viewer laugh, think, and reflect all at once, a truly enjoyable combination.