Works by Dean Monogenis

February 13, 2012

A great find today was the work of Brooklyn's Dean Monogenis, an artist who creates futuristic and architectural acrylic on wood paintings, as well as works on paper and sculpture art. Monogenis had a solo exhibition at NYCs' Morgan Lehman Gallery last year, and a solo at Athens, Greece's Xippas Gallery this year.

In Monogenis' artist statement, he says:

Through my work I explore situational relationships of otherwise incongruous elements. An example would be a high rise at the foot of a glorious mountain, or a “new construction” condo spawning out of an isolated field of vegetation. I paint these settings as utopias or fantasy environments. Noticeably, the more I scour the internet or document my travels for source material, the more I find that some of these imagined scenarios already exist. In such cases, my work becomes a commentary on globalization or expansion, which are inevitable. While this may be true, I am not making an indictment. Instead, I am more interested in exploring the awkward beauty inherent in development and decay.


via TCR