Work by Mike Calway-Fagen on LPP

April 25, 2012

Mike Calway-Fagen is an artist from Tennessee currently living and working in San Diego. Primarily through the mediums of collage and sculpture, Mike explores the making of art objects as an attempt to express inquiries that lie outside scientific observation and "hard-line rationality" whose focus spans from ideas as intimate as personal and family histories to concepts as broad as "human worth and insignificance, existence as animals, faith, time, death, [and] love." A recent interview with Mike on Little Paper Planes (an online blog and store that exists as a forum for a broad-ranging community of artists to sell work and participate in dialogue with each other and the wider audience of the public) divulges in depth details about Mike's interests and practice.

http://blog.littlepaperplanes.com/ http://mikecalway-fagen.com/