June 09, 2012

Street artist and muralist WK Interact was just recruited by the renowned advertising agency TBWA to help celebrate their 40th anniversary. Simply dubbed FORTY WK Interact was invited to create one of his murals on an 8ft x 36ft canvas utilizing some of TWBA most iconic work, including the Absolute Vodka campaign, Apple's 1984 Super Bowl spot, Nelson Mandela’s first ANC election and more. TBWA filmed and produced an incredible video of Wk Interact creating the mural. With an expressive artist like WK Interact it is always great to see the behind the scenes, especially when the video is as well produced as this one. FORTY is a great example of great people teaming up together and we're happy to see it. –Brent DCVII Gentile

TWBA: http://www.tbwa.com/ Wk Interact: http://www.wkinteract.com/