Wies Preijde's Woven Installations

January 07, 2013

Wies Preijde's woven thread screens operate on several levels, all of which are visually and conceptually stimulating. Simple but harmonious color combinations exist in the abstracted, patterned spaces, resulting in a flattened image that still expands three dimensionally. The screens lay against existing walls and also extend outwards, articulating a new space that provides illusion as well as physical division of the room. The varied vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines coalesce into rooms, windows, and other imaginary environments and passages, these illusions too having a slight transparency to them, providing a translucent lens to the other side of the threaded divider while still slicing the room apart with the woven imagery that pulls the viewer's eye all around with converging and diverging lines that bounce between a collection of color fields and a chimera of a room you cannot access.


As a recent graduate of The Hague, it seems that Wies Preijde already commands a considerable amount of conscious and masterful expertise within her chosen medium and the evolution of her practice will doubtlessly be of interest, especially if it involves more spatial illusions as we see here.