What Are You Doing To Participate: Rich Jacobs

December 07, 2012


Tonight, December 7th 2012 marks the opening of What Are You Doing To Participate group zine / art show In Los Angeles, CA. The show is curated and organized by Sam James Velde, Rich Jacobs and Adam Rossiter and features zines and prints spanning music, skateboarding and art culture from the 1980's til present. The show takes place at The Dilettante and will go til Jan. 7th 2013. Some of the featured contributors are:


Chrissy Piper, Tod Swank, Garry Davis, Andy Jenkins, Jocko Weyland, Mike Gitter, Mel Kadel, Jay Howell, Nina Hartmann, Travis Millard, Dirk Knibbe, Cali Dewitt / Jay Clark (FaNKULT), Thomas Stavnes (REMIO), Pez & many many more!


In anticipation of this event we are spotlighting some of the artists involved to delve more into what motivates them to participate, and today, we asked a few questions to co-curator, Rich Jacobs. (and we allowed for a little zine feel in the editing... )


NAME: rich jacobs

ZINE NAME (S): skate edge, movebook, there is xerox on the insides of

your eyelids, and many many more.

CITY OF RESIDENCE: Oakland at the present time


What experience / feeling initially inspired you to make your 1st zine? How old were you?


Ok so I was about 12 when I first started to make zines, i am 40 now. it has been alitttle while since then but the feeling is kinda the same now as then- i always needed a place to put the things that i was excited about, cared a lot for, or was drawn to, you know the things that move you. first was skateboarding and hardcore punk rock, that was the soundtrack and i was in bands so it was like an excuse to talk to friends and interview them for the zine. I can't tell how many friends i have met through self publishing a small edition zine, it is kinda crazy when you step back from it all, also thrasher,skate fate, swank zine, bend, powerhouse, tiki, flipside,ink disease, it's alive, no loitering,tunga tunga,and later the art zines and personal zines from rhode island and philly art heads, sf, and la, and new york artists.


Skaters who were branching into other weird stuff, noise scene zines, no wave, psych, and burly kraut rock mags also influenced me ,and still do to a large extent. As soon as you print one (a zine) it is kinda contagious and you wanna keep making yours radder. you improve your skills as a designer and photographer, as a hand lettering person and that raw cut and paste layout style that punkers helped bring forward.


Why do you continue to make zines, esp. in the light of Tumblr, Blogs, etc.?


I think communication is important, as a shy person growing up it became my only way of expressing my feelings and was a way for me to work out things. so I don't really love blogs, or the Internet that much, I like the tangable, and want to keep print alive.


What zines / artists inspired you in the beginning? What zines/artists inspire you currently?


In the beginning just the fact that you could do it and get away fromr it at all, so i was a little skate punk who couldn't get enough photo heavy fanzines, if you had a good zine i wanted to read it but it had to look good too. I was picky but within reason and starved for visual stimulus as well. I loved andy jenkins, garry davis,tod swank, o, bernie mcginn, rodger bridges, jocko weyland, jawn dettman lytle,phread conrad, phil esbenshade, kevin wilkins,miki vucovich, jeremy smith, bryan wendzel and alberto kroeger, thomas campbell, chris johanson, neil blender, raymond pettibon, mark gonzales,ed templeton, jason polan, my friends corey crowley and brian hull helped me on mine initially, darren mock, dennis chang, curtis pitts, i loved forced exposure,touch n go, think, straight edge from ny, your flesh, xxx, suburban voice,leading edge, ink disease, greed, uno mas, nomadic underground, Brian Walsby's Not Yet Decided, Mrr, ooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww, Fred Hammer's It's Alive, lots of DC area zines any thing that had rites of spring or squirrel bait in it, or Slint or This Heat,etc... the Minutemen... I need to see and hear all that was daring and different and stood out like a sore thumb, it was in my blood , and still is... I am addicted to this type of visual realm, I need to always see more -it makes things exciting and there is always something to look forward too.


Why are you participating in "What Are You Doing To Participate?" zine / art show?


Because you gotta step up and press print sometimes.


What are you trying to convey, express, share in your zines?


to not take yourself too serious but to enjkoy life and music and art by doing those things and being involved in the activity 100 percent in that moment and be more than a witness in life. there are enough drones and robots out there. please avoid that trap. later.