What Are You Doing To Participate: Cali Dewitt

December 10, 2012


This past weekend, the Juxtapoz sponsored What Are You Doing To Participate group zine / art show opened in Los Angeles. The show is curated and organized by Sam James Velde, Rich Jacobs and Adam Rossiter and features zines and prints spanning music, skateboarding and art culture from the 1980's til present. The show will be on display at The Dilettante through January 7, 2013. Some of the featured contributors are:


Chrissy Piper, Tod Swank, Garry Davis, Andy Jenkins, Jocko Weyland, Mike Gitter, Mel Kadel, Jay Howell, Nina Hartmann, Travis Millard, Dirk Knibbe, Cali Dewitt / Jay Clark (FaNKULT), Thomas Stavnes (REMIO), Pez & many many more!


Coinciding with the show, we are spotlighting some of the artists involved to delve more into what motivates them to participate, and today, we asked a few questions to Cali Dewitt.

Cali Dewitt

Pissing Contest, Teenage Teardrops, etc

Los Angeles, CA


What experience / feeling initially inspired you to make your 1st zine? How old were you?


I was inspired to make my first zine in 1988. It was a way to be a part of the hardcore scene I was in the midst of. I had no idea what I was doing and it was never printed. I wish I still had the pages so I could read my own reviews of the Half Off demo and the Pissed Happy Children LP


Why do you continue to make zines, esp. in the light of Tumblr, Blogs, etc.?


I like physicality. I like to hold onto things.I like digital and I like analog. One does not replace the other.


What zines / artists inspired you in the beginning? What zines/artists inspire you currently?


The usual suspects. Flipside, MRR. Ink Disease and Black Market both found their way into my life. Inserts in records. My dad's bookshelf.


Why are you participating in "What Are You Doing To Participate?" zine / art show?


Because I like to communicate with people.


What are you trying to convey, express, share in your zines?


I am just sharing ideas. Some people understand and some don't. It's a good way to learn and experiment. It's an effective way to make some people happy and some people fry. And it's fun, still. Maybe more than ever.