Watch: Wes Lang "The Studio" @ ARoS Aarhus Muesum of Art

Mar 29, 2014 - Sep 07, 2014ARoS Aarhus Muesum of Art, Aarhus, Denmark

A favorite here in the Juxtapoz office, Wes Lang, recently traveled to Denmark for his first solo show in a museum space at the ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art. As part of the exhibition Wes built a full working studio and idoart.dk stopped by for a visit. 

All photos by 
Rikke Luna and courtesy I Do Art.

Wes Lang, who lives and works in Los Angeles devotes his art to icons that form part of the American biker culture’s visual universe, including pin-up girls, motorcycles and tattoos. In everything from sketches for paintings, for motorbikes and for Rolex watches, he blends his own personality and manner of life with the mythology of “the American way of life”. He draws on iconic references to rock ‘n roll, the aesthetics of the tattoo, life on the road and American history – and uses them in a both personal and national identity project.

The exhibition at ARos Aarhus Museum of Art will present just under 60 works, some recent and some rather older, including seven very large paintings specially made for the ARoS exhibition. In addition, there will also be a presentation of some of Wes Lang’s more commercial collaborative ventures in which, for example, the artist has specially made motorbikes for Harley Davidson and designed Rolex watches, cups, carpets, jewellery and the like. Lang’s links with the world of music are also represented, for instance through his collaboration with the musician Kanye West and his visual products and merchandise and also through the comprehensive boxed set that Wes Lang created for the rock band Grateful Dead’s great comprehensive release.

Wes Lang "The Studio"
ARos Aarhus Museum of Art, Denmark
March 29 - September 7th