Video: The WallRide Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil

November 13, 2013

The WallRide Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil looks to give the residents of the city access to public and free art through an exchange between Brazilian artists and others around the world. Every two months a different artist will be invited exposing his form of art on a wall in downtown Sao Paul! The first artist to utilize the wall is Alexandre "Sesper" Cruz!

The chosen space for the WallRide project is the CapPark parking lot located in the Ipiranga ave nº 120, in down town Sao Paulo, in front of one of the postcards of the city, the COPAN building. 

Alexandre Cruz passed great part of his adolescence skating, doing fanzines and carving strips K7 in Santos city – SP. After integrating several independent directions, into the beginning of the 90 years it initiates the band Garage Fuzz band, in which he is a singer up to today, besides maintaining other musical projects. In Sao Paulo, it started to intervene in the streets with stickers and posters, adopting the pseudonym Sesper, while it also was spreading his art through prints of T-shirts for marks of streetwear and capes of discs for independent stamps or great record companies, between other products. In parallel, it developed works in studio that started to gain visibility in expositive spaces. The raw material of his torn collages, generally followed the drawing and complemented by the painting, can come from precious collections of magazines, you hum, discs and letters, as well as of works that it produced digitally and they were printed in industrial processes for other aims. Sesper also acts like guardian, being one of the founders of the seminal expositive space Most and having participated of the curator ship of the itinerant display TRANSFER. As a curator/videomaker, it drove RE:Board, the result of an extensive inquiry on the history of the Brazilian skateboard graphics.