Sucklord "Toy Lords of Chinatown"

May 28, 2014

"The work presented in this exhibit is a documentation of my struggle to reach the top of a sinister pyramid scheme; a culture-jacking enterprise where ruthless-yet-compelling super-criminals compete for the imaginations of fickle consumers and a relentless media machine." - Sucklord on his 2011 Suckadelic retrospective gallery exhibition at Boo-hooray, “You’re An Asshole For Buying This.” One of the most respected despised and influential figures in the art toy movement for the past decade, the Sucklord has been producing handmade bootleg action figures in very limited runs, each selling out immediately. As the plot thickens, the work of the Sucklord is widely collected in fine art circles, and has been auctioned at Christie’s, Freeman’s and Phillips.

Much more on Sucklord soon...